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Lydwen proposes you different types of musical animations:

Concert, musical tale for every public: musical legends accompanied with the Celtic harp.
The texts are original creations inspired by celtic and medieval legends (subjects: the arthurian legend, Brocéliande the enchanted forest, sirens and morganes of our countries, fantastic courtship in Faërie, nature and environment).
The musics arise from the Celtic traditional directory (Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales), sprinkled with very personal arrangements and original composings in Celtic and medieval inspiration.
Duration of performance: during one hour or one hour and a half (adaptable also in 20-30 mn in animation of site)

Musical tale for children: tales and legends accompanied with the Celtic harp (subjects: common peoples of our countries, fairies, elfs and pixies, enchanted nature, fauna and flora, environment).
Duration of performance: the musical tale lasts 20 or 30 minutes, then presentation of the instrument according to the waits of the children and their questions.

Musical animation for your receptions, cocktails and ceremonies:
The Celtic harp of Lydwen will accompany all your receptions with charming and very original sweetness, for your cocktails, ceremonies, weddings, garden-parties, eveninspectacles...
Through Celtic melodies, classical musics and traditional airs, solo harp or with other musicians (flutes, oboe, bagpipe or accordion), Lydwen suggests dressing your events of a quite particular musical atmosphere.

For your medieval or magic festivals, some special adapted concerts and animations: medieval musics, tales and legends, animations in duet with a talented calligrapher, a funny charming elf or still a facetious fire-eater pixie, in animation of street, camp or for a medieval banquet.

All spectacles can be adapted, for the children naturally, but also for the old persons: animations, tales and concerts adapted for libraries, schools, or still old people's homes, so that they find their child's soul too...



Be thus insured by high-quality interventions, where fabulous musical musings of Lydwen will bring to your events and festivals a very original sweetness, and in your private receptions and familial events a discreet and unforgettable accompanying that will charm your guests.




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