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about the name Lydwen ®

To answer your numerous questions concerning the "first name" of Lydwen, don't ask anymore, don't search anymore: it is not at all an existing first name... Lydwen is in fact a word totally invented, created by the artist from its debuts so that its name expresses in best its work.
To create it, Lydwen was inspired from the Welsh and Breton languages, its native earth of Brittany being one from the main sources towards which she turns to compose musics and poems:


In Breton language:
We find the word lid (that means ceremony) and the word gwenn (that means white, and also expresses the sweetness, the happiness, the purity), that we also find in the Welsh language gwyn; by associating them we obtain lid-gwenn, then lid-wenn (wenn is a contraction of gwenn in Breton language), and finaly lidwenn or lidwen.
Other source of inspiration: Luduenn ("Cinderella" in Breton).

In Welsh language:
The original name created by the artist is Llydwn, inspired by Llydaw ("Brittany" in Welsh), became Llydwen and finally Lydwen because most of the time people forgot this 2nd L!

Lydwen (or Lydwenn or Llydwen) is so a pure completely personal creation, an interpretation and a writing inspired by several sources, so Welsh as Breton.
Then if ever you find somewhere other meanings or saying of this "first name", or if you find in this world other Lydwen and Lydwenn (others than the one who is presented to you here) having exceeded the first age stage, distrust because it is no doubt there about forgeries...


" Many thanks to all those who liked this "first name" totally invented... By the way, I greet and send a lot of kisses to the small babies named "Lydwen" who were presented to me in 2006 at Dinan and in May, 2007 at Sens, it is a real happiness that to have been so a source of inspiration for their parents! I wish them to carry in them all the happiness and the sweetness contained in this simple play on words, henceforth became a first name for them...
The wind wore me as well the piece of news that some other little girls named Lydwen was born, so welcome to you small fairies, welcome in this beautiful world ! Ladies moms and sirs dads, thank you for the announcements which you will send me, I shall taste them with my eyes and shall keep them affectionately in my big book of fairy babies ! Do not especially hesitate to give me some news of these little pixies, I am crazy about it! "

A lot of friendship,




NB: Lydwen (or Lydwenn or Llydwen) is a brand name and thus protected by the current laws...
The use of the name Lydwen as a first name given to a child is a real honor for the artist, and she's always extremely touched by that. On the other hand any use of this name in commercial purposes, or artistic variously, is simply a lack of respect of her work of creation. It is thus preferable to invent to you your pseudo own rather than to choose hers for your signature...
By the way, is it really necessary to clarify here the punishments encourrues for a fraudulent use?


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