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"You found the machine which multiplies the time! Thank you." Bruno - Romazy 01/2003

"Ô my star, my brilliant passion, turn inward the flame of your eyes, don't you feel the grave movements of these stony arcs? This road of granite is a light road, the mist salts my lips, the night horses bite their pallid lips, soon I shall read in the movement of celestial bodies as in the opened book, may the grace come, with its magnificence, illuminate the night (wrote this evening by listening to your concert)." unknown person - Sens 05/2004

"A stream of feelings... by a fan of Myrdhin. A lot of happiness and success!" Serge - Castle of Fort La Latte 07/2005

"Thank you for this beautiful journey, this medieval musing has the gentleness of your fingers. We crossed a beautiful siren which has bewitched us one evening in the castle of Fort La Latte." Ingrid - 07/2005

"Long live the harp, so class!" 13-year-old Alix - 07/2005

"Your melodies plunge us into the melancholy and allow us to escape the meanders of the life, thanks to you." Anonymous / Castle of Fort La Latte 08/2005

"Thank you for these sweet moments which I anchored in me, as sources in which I will dive myself when I shall feel the need of a timeless serenity." Lydie - Abbey of Lehon 08/2005

"Lydwen by your talent you allowed me to leave in the heart of the ocean and to sing to it instead of crying there. Thank you." Marie - Abbey of Lehon 08/2005

"The words and the music, by successive waves lead us for a too short journey on nostalgic streams. To listen to and listen again." Unknown person - Abbey of Lehon 08/2005

"It is enough to close the eyes and everything is there... Thank you." Aline - Abbey of Lehon 08/2005

"A tendency to the soft light, a tendency to the musing, a bit of homesickness, a music envoutante." Jean-Loup - Castle of Fort La Latte 08/2005

"The time of a moment, the time stopped for our biggest happiness. Outside time, the unlimitedness of this moment seems endless. Thanks to you, to your sweetness, to your harmony of the place and the instrument." Patrice - Castle of Fort La Latte 08/2005

"Thank you for all this light." anonymous - Castle of Fort La Latte 07/2006

"What fabulous dreams! During this moment I dived with you and your harp into the depthes of our dreams... Thank you!" Alice - Castle of Fort La Latte 07/2006

"The love is an indéfinissable thing which can be eternal or last only one moment, which can hurt an untouchable being or look of the happiness in the heart of an elf. Everybody knows it and each has it, but nobody knows the duration of this link. When we love and are loved, here is the eternal happiness of the heart. Your notes told me this story. Thank you." Marie-laure - Castle of Fort La Latte 07/2006

"A free and intoxicating music which plunges us into the deepest of our dreams, without knowing when we can one day go out of it. Thank you very much for this infinite journey..." Cédric - Castle of Fort La Latte 07/2006

"Harp: graceful and dreamy instrument. Harpist: graceful and dreamy musician. Both together: graceful dream." Justin - Castle of Fort La Latte 07/2006

"Very beautiful. You are of those who teach me to love Brittany. Thank you". Damien - Church of the Mont-Dol 08/2006

"The fairy came again, she really exists thus? The charming sounds of her harp dance, spin then fade away in the night, but resound even for a long time... My God! how good it is for us to dream as this!" Unknown person - Castle of Fort la Latte 08/2006

"What a beautiful dream! I was born at feet of a glacier, I know now that the droplet will go to the sea. Thank you." Martial (Switzerland) 08/2006

"It was Fairy, I shall eat no more caterpillars! " Bertrand - Miniac-Morvan 12/2006

"Crystal clear pearls for a necklace of languid melodies in the natural flavors. Lyric pearls for a necklace of words égrenné on the vibrating ropes of the voice and the harp. A finery of dream, dream, dreams..." Linette - 03/2007

"A drop falls, a bird flies away... Lost in my thoughts I joined the stars." Noémie - 03/2007

"The long brook enlarged of October has changeable reflections of azur and white sky. They wrinkles of hemmed folds where wave trees and the almost bare arms. In this furtive ballet shows through your smiling face, and returns the flavor of a short-lived happiness and the bitter regret to have left our dreams for empty fancies..." Sého - 03/2007

"Your harp as a flying carpet to glance through the country of the dreams... Thank you." Sabine - Sens 05/2007

"Thank you to have helped us to make this old convent live again . For us a moment of big emotion, to put tears of joy in eyes. Thank you still." Kate - Rauzet 06/2007

"My restless soul and my melancholic character were touched in the deepest by the melodious sounds of your harp and by the suppleness of your fingers. Thank you for these delicious moment." Géraldine - Castle of fort la Latte 07/2007

" Which miracle that to be taken in a universe which we considered lost. But doubtless by looking we always eventually find the Celtic emerald... " Alain - Abbey of Lehon 07/2007

"The Bretons who consume many of hypnotics should listen to you every evening because your music is so beautiful, relaxing and lets speak about the imagination! Magnificent journey in thousand faces... And magnificent evening spent to dream by all these enchanted melodies, made as by fairy's little fingers!" Molène - Abbey of Lehon 07/2007

"Very dear Lydwen, some light and rhythmical movements, the résonnance of these souls still prisoners of the echo of the rose of stones and you make steal our hearts towards these places populated with fairies and disappeared lovers, towards the deepest, the most secret and the most true of ourselves. Thank you for this so beautiful journey where you took us away, the space of a beating of wing, towards what we have of more precious, the hope! I wish you the most beautiful, not only the success, but also the love of those whom you did not stop enchanting. Thank you." Biscotte - Castle of Fort La Latte 07/2007

"A journey which recovers from the miracle or from the myth. This castle lives through your harp, the heroes of these places wake up and pierce us the soul. The siren disturbed me and enchanted me. Long life to you." Nicolas - 07/2007

"Magnificent sound that that of the harp: it deserves of the biggest prêtresses of avalon! What a big pleasure to hear you! Thank you still." unknown person - 08/2007

"It was too beautiful!" Timothée 11 years - Castle of Fort La Latte 08/2007

"For the enchanting music, bright and full of hope, thank you." Ghislaine - Abbey of Léhon 08/2007

"At half dream, half dream, your harp transports us towards another universe, very very secret. Thank you." Unknown person 08/2007

"Thank you for this timeless journey, glancing through waters of the dream and mist of the mystery. Very beautiful artistic work, of fairy-hands!" Sandrine - Abbey of Léhon 08/2007

"Of the magic, the fairies and the elfs, a strange and fascinating atmosphere. Thank you for this delicious moment." Catherine - Abbey of Léhon 08/2007

"1200 km to come, in the cold and the rain, to find the cold and the rain... but also the wonderful lady Lydwen!" Christèle and Stéphane - Castle of Fort La Latte 08/2007

"Of the magic on some notes, a traveler with big boots takes us to the country of the fairies, far from the agonies and the misdeeds... Thank you Lydwen!" Elisabeth - l'Encre de Bretagne 12/2007


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