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recordings :

b "La Promise"
single CD of 2 tracks includes:
-"La Promise", a musical composition inspired by several Breton traditional melodies
-"Sidh Bheag Sidh Mhor, a very personal classification around a Turlough O' Carolan's melody (Ireland)

autoproduced (2005
6,00 €

"Musiques au Pays de Dol"
collective album (2008
Artists of the album:
Bilikenn - Men’ez Dol - Lydwen - Filip Montade - Les Couéfes - Jean-Pierre Mathias - Bébert Huchait et les Vilaïnes Bétes - Kelenner - Panik Celtique - Pao Bran - Quartet en l'Air - Samuel Carré/Françoise Perrin/Kevin Colas - Bagad An Hanternoz.

15,00 €


cards & posters :

full-color poster "Rumeurs de la Terre des Fées" season 2003-2005
creation by Lydwen/Etyram
(29.7x42 cm)
click on to enlarge
5,00 €

postcard - graphics by M.Chanteloup
(10.5x14.5 cm)
2,00 €

postcard - graphics by Lydwen
(10.5x14.5 cm)
2,00 €

the 2 postcards: 3,50 €


full-colour photo print
photo by Etyram
(10cm x 15 cm)
5,00 €


full-colour photo print
photo by Etyram
(10cm x 15 cm)
5,00 €

the 2 photos: 8 €


secret books of fairies :

well... these are just secrets, so no images to show... you will have the surprise! (5€)


nota: postal charges in supplement of each article
2€ France & European Union / 3€ other states


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send us by email your name and address, specify the articles you want and how many,
...and don't hesitate to ask for a dédication!




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