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Whispers of the Fairies Land
Celtic Harp - Musical Legends


If nowadays Fairies and Nature Sprites hide
In undergrowth, wild grasses, banks of rivers,
And are hardly visible towards the Human beings,
It is their very secret adventures that Lydwen invites you to discover.
In these melodies however, nothing will be really said,
It will thus be necessary to you to imagine everything...

Secrets of Pixies, Ladies-butterflies or Fishes-angels,
Unexpected meetings in the bend of forgotten roads,
From Brittany, Ireland, or even moreover...
All the musing, the colours and the poetries of all this small world,
The Harp, the partner of Lydwen, will let you guess
The strange humors...




The musical legends of Lydwen, stemming from the Celtic culture and from all the wealth of the Middle Age, ally traditional melodies, original compositions, tales and personal poems.
They invite you for a travel on the lost roads of the Fairies Land, so that the Small Common People who lives there will never be forgotten by the Human Beings...




"Whispers of the Fairies Land "


It is a sort of big imaginary book invaded by wild grasses, where Lydwen writes its histories in beautiful written in a decorative letters, lead wire of each of its concerts where she lets us guess the forgotten sources, the dreams that unicorns make and the smiles of children which only them know how to tear the most thick mists...
All this in veiled terms naturally, because the fairies of this country don't like very much that we disturb them and even less than we reveal their small secrets!
There are thus only whispers, rumours, then the one who listens has to imagine everything...

Lydwen delivers us there very personal legends, strewn with timeless love stories where musics reply to poetries, become intermingled, interlaced; imaginary tales, tales to imagine, where notes replace very often the words...
Every concert presents a new facet of these "Whispers", a musical tale every time reinvented, where Mother Nature is always sovereign and where we guess flavors and colours of the place where the artist puts her instrument: it is always the place which commands...

Of her invented legends to her imaginary journeys, you probably won't return totally unhurt of this meeting with strange and fabulous musings of Lydwen...



Since spring 2006, Lydwen also writes musical tales for the children, little stories where the butterflies speak to the human beings, where cats dream about journeys in the stars, invented stories naturally but where the children can also discover really " how the Nature does her work", and all the small miracles which she reserves to those who simply open very big eyes on the world which surrounds them...



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" La Promise" (the promised girl)
the first one cd autoproduced by Lydwen ,
has appeared in June, 2005.

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extrait "La Promise"       


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